The company renders services in the food sector in 50 different products such as ..... . Myra Food, places importance on product quality vand hygiene with tis production facility established in a closed area 7500 m2 in Istanbul.

Myra Food, carries out every single production process such as grinding, roasting, mixing, filling, packing, storage and logistics. The company makes importation to appr. 25 countries and develops its customer structure at abroad and take its place in the foreign markets.

Machine Features

  • Dimensions : 1000*900*1800 mm
  • Weight : 250 kg
  • Electricity Usage : max 2,5 kw /saat
  • Product Quantity:: Max 144 Coffee In Cup & Max 50 Soup In Cup
  • Currency unit: All Currencies (Paper and Coin)
  • Panel: Touch Panel
  • Free Product Delivery Feature
  • Custom Capacity and Design